A New Beginning
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A New Beginning

By Afia Zaheen

Buzz started with the story.

“The one hour that Queen Luna spent in her room was very crucial. She had to make the toughest decision, something that the had the power to heavily impact the future of our hive. But soon the hour was over.”

Queen Luna ordered everyone to gather in the central hall, where she will make her announcements.

Everyone in that room were eager to know the final decision- especially Team Hover, waiting impatiently with a fast heartbeat.

The Queen finally picked up her mic and started on with the announcements.

“The past few weeks must have been very difficult for us and with the return of the harvest of Farmer John’s field, I can realize now, how stressful it felt.”

“Since the field is going to be back within a few weeks, we are going to start with our regular flight plans and start collecting nectar from there.”

People started slow clapping.
“I won’t lie, I got very disappointed”, Buzz admitted to Zippy.

“Poor you, it must have been so tough, after all those efforts”, Zippy offered consolation.

“Hear me out till the end before drawing any conclusions, mate”, Buzz winked.

After making the first round of announcements, Queen Luna moved on to her next part. ” I know we have not certainly shown the most efficient crisis management example,which makes me think that it’s time to break the shackles of old times and let the winds of change pass by.

From now on, we are not only going to collect nectar from Farmer John only, but we are going to form a team of scouts to find new sources of nectar and collect them from those fields.”

A loud applause filled the room.

Queen Luna smiled a bit. “Not only this, I am happy to announce that from next month, we are launching a new flavor of honey- Blueberry Blitz. We are going to sell this at a premium price, to serve a niche market segment presently and see how it performs.”

“We will surely enlarge our current nectar-storing capacity, prepare our bees so that they can make more long-distance journeys. The aim is to be in such a place from where we may never suffer from another such shortage.”

“Buzz I would like to request you to be the group leader of this new scout group, and Hover you will be Head of the new Product Development Team.”

“Wow Buzz, congratulations”,exclaimed Zippy,”I am so happy for you. This surely sounds like the start of a brand-new Luna Hive.”

Buzz smiled. “Couldn’t agree more. Cheers to New Beginnings….”