Brain Storming
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Brain Storming

By Abu Naser Nur

Buzz started with a cheerful voice “queen was struggling to make a choice between the new chances and our traditional way of business. Finally she decided to create a new model. She didn’t change the whole system and didn’t dismiss all our new ideas.”

Buzz stopped a bit and continued “now we have a weekly session with the Queen herself which is very inspiring and we can share a lot there. We call it the Brain Storming Session.”

“That’s a good thing” Zippy commented.

“The other bosses are changing a bit too. they are willing to solve problems and are contributing to our daily works too. you might want to visit our hive some day. I think you will like it this time.” Buzz added

“I definitely will.” Zippy replied “good luck with your new journey”

“Thanks a lot for your help Zippy”

Zippy waved the antenna and flew away.