Changed Luna Hive
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Changed Luna Hive

By A K M Jahangir Hossain

Three weeks later, Buzz meets Zippy on the Farmer Johns field and Buzz was very much excited to tell the story of their hive and how it has been changed. This chapter is about the new way of working in Luna Hive.

Buzz asked Zippy to visit Luna Hive. Zippy replied,” Is it possible?, as you have already told me that you need to submit application a week in advance to get any guest pass.” Well, It was not, but it is now possible, Please follow me, replied Buzz. Soon they arrived Luna Hive and in the security gate Buzz asked for a guest entry as a visitor. Zippy has to share some information on a ledger book and then allowed to enter with a guest pass.

Its a very good system that you have adopted, neither its very much open nor its lengthy or complicated like earlier, isn’t it? Said Zippy. Yes of course, we have changed it in our way, I mean what we have learnt from your hive was the idea to think in different way for the betterment of our hive, Our Business, Our Employees and as a whole of our organization. But as we have already some culture established, we tried to accommodate those objectives of being less complicated in our way, replied Buzz. Impressive, replied Zippy.

Lets go our induction room, I would like to show you something. What is induction room? I have never heard about it, asked Zippy. Follow me, I will show you, said Buzz. They both headed towards the induction room. On the way, Zippy saw that, there is a group of executives and sales Bees doing discussions on the Business Risks & Market condition. We usually share some information to our visitors regarding Luna Hive, its risk and other important information and entertain with some snacks. After having a very short induction session, Buzz asked Zippy, How do you feel about it? Isn’t it great to have to instruction and a quick visual overview before visiting? Yes, replied, Zippy and I can also figure out how you have developed it. When you entered Sola hive we handed over you a handbill that you have improved to visual induction. Actually its very good.

After that Buzz took Zippy to various places inside the hive and have feedback from Zippy. Most of the time Zippy replied with satisfaction of watching something new. Some of them were

In Luna Hive now there is a very strong R&D team which is working with very abstract ideas those are being collected periodically from each and every bees of every function. Buzz shared one idea of generating nectar from some poisonous flower, which were available in plenty around the jungle. R&D team is looking for solution by introducing new improved dresses for nectar collectors and improved filtration system to purify it.

Supply chain Manager, Zag is now not checking whether the Nectar has been authorized or not, instead he is now controlling the forward and backward linkage both to improve customer satisfaction and increase yield as well. He is now having co-ordination with R&D, Product Development and Sales & Marketing team to increase the margin of safety of the business.

Most of the problems are being solved by discussion with co-workers and immediate officers, If anything critical arrives meetings are done with the functional line managers in their offices without following any protocol. Any bee can enter and discuss regarding their issues and finally the minutes being circulated.

Finding of backup source for Nectar, Finding Something innovative, Finding a different way to improve productivity, quality as well as reducing production cost are now included,beside the regular KPIs of each bees.

Production bees are now not only concerned with their production only, they are being transferred to other functions to have the know how of other functions to support at crisis. In fact, it became visionary for all the bees to know each and every function.

After a quite extensive visit, Zippy was very much please and amazed by the strategy and way of thinking of Luna Hive. Zippy asked, How it was possible for you transform this way? It was our queen who finally realized the fact that the world is changing and to adapt with it we have to change otherwise we will loose our business and will be extinct. She along with the pilot team that visited your hive & Management took two weeks program called “Lets Adapt the Changing World”.

Finally Buzz took Zippy to the conference room where he saw a group of Bee with Queen Luna enjoying a video of the 9th anniversary of the Queen Luna. After watching this, Zippy was speechless and his heart was full with some very wonderful fallings. Buzz said,” Our Queen is enjoying the last year celebration along with some Bees as a part of recreation to boost them up and also having their suggestion to make her coming tenth anniversary better. Absolutely astounding, I am speechless, said Zippy. And I would like to conclude it in one sentence “All the Bees inside Luna Hive are acting like a family and they are ready take any challenge.”

This is how Luna Hive has been changed and so new story begins for new challenges……………..