Gateway To Success
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Gateway To Success

By Mohammad Mamunul Hoque

Buzz started with his story of change and hope to Zippy.

“You know our short meeting with Queen Luna must have been very successful, because it helped her take a good decision with the company.

After she took an hour off, she returned with positive energy and new hopes. The whole room could feel her positive mindset.

Queen Luna started her speech, “There must be no shame in admitting a failure and no delay in recognizing a success. I admit that we may not have acted very proactively, but from here onward, we will rectify our mistakes and step into the future with a re-energized game plan.”

Here are our key action points:
1. We will continue with our regular product line from Farmer John’s field.
2. We will also open a new product research and development team, whose main role would be to research the customer wants and develop new flavors of honey for the different customer segments.
3. We will also launch a premium honey product line soon in small quantities, which will be sold at a slightly higher price than regular .
4. We will try to forecast future disasters and store away back-up nectar which we can use in times of a sourcing shortage.”

I hope all these action points will take us to a new level success if we can achieve them together.”

“Buzz, this sounds brilliant, now I would like to visit your hive very soon.”

“Someday soon, my friend.”