Take ownership and made the change
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Take ownership and made the change

By Nittya Malongi

After returning to her room queen luna gave a thought herself ,all the decision she took was right or she just block the way of happening right.There was only one way to find, she called the executives about their thinnking on winget’s plan and the action taken by gray bee, buzz and their team/Though some executive try to stic with wingets plan maximum of them support that gray bee buzz and his team action was more practical. Not only that their plan will solve current challenge but also secure their future change.So queen luna understand and started to shape her hive to evolve with new change.She called all bees and gave them the example of buzz and his team work to take same action .She also promised that she will welcome all those bees who want to propose new ideas and action which will help to face challenge.

In this way now luna hive got his new cultural shape which required long time ago.