Why we wrote The Bee Book
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Why we wrote The Bee Book

boxshot-renderingWe wrote The Bee Book to help people in all types of organisations: whether it is a large multi-national, a not-for-profit, a school, a government department or a start-up. We feel that understanding the basic ingredients for taking an organisation from where it is today to where it should be tomorrow is a critical leadership role.

We wrote The Bee Book as an allegory (some will refer to it as a parable or fable). We have found that allegories allow readers to learn more effectively by losing themselves in the story and being able to relate to the characters. It also helps them to understand how core principles may be applied in real-world scenarios. It quickens the learning process and makes it fun and interesting at the same time. Furthermore, it makes the whole experience memorable.

We hope you will enjoy reading the story.

You can buy The Bee Book from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.