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What is the “Bee Fit for the Future” workshop?

We have developed the “Bee Fit for the Future” workshop to support The Bee Book. This interactive and inspirational workshop is designed to embed the core principles covered in the story. It will help you to successfully implement change in your organisation. With a range of delivery options including one, two and three-day options, there will be a format to meet your needs.

How do I arrange a workshop?

If you would like us to facilitate a workshop for you, please contact us directly via the Contact Page or email


If you are a consultant, trainer or training manager, we have a range of train-the-trainer options below.


Below is a breakdown of the workshop options we provide for those interested in becoming an authorised and licensed to deliver “Bee Fit for the Future”. Underneath the bronze, silver and gold options, you will find a comprehensive Q and A section where we have tried to answer all of the common questions we receive about our train-the-trainer options.

If you want to find out more about our train-the-trainer options, please email

  • Bronze

    • Ideal for smaller organisations & consultancies or voluntary sector
    • Contact us for prices
  • Silver

    • Ideal for medium-sized organisations and larger consultancies with associates
    • Contact us for prices
  • Gold

    • Ideal for large corporates wanting to run in-house train-the-trainer programme
    • Contact us for prices

TRAINER KIT INCLUDES (free shipping to UK)

    • Unlimited learning guide print access (branded with our logo)
    • Presentation materials
    • Facilitation Guide
    • 1 full set of workshop accessories
    • 10 copies of The Bee Book
    • Unlimited learning guide print access (branded with your logo)
    • Presentation materials
    • Facilitation Guide
    • 2 full sets of workshop accessories
    • 20 copies of The Bee Book
    • Unlimited updates for training materials
    • Unlimited learning guide print access (branded with your logo)
    • Presentation materials
    • Facilitation Guide
    • 5 full sets of workshop accessories
    • 40 copies of The Bee Book
    • Unlimited updates for training materials
    • Unlimited use of artwork from The Bee Book


    • Train-the-trainer via video library
    • Train-the-trainer via video library
    • 2 hours of telephone coaching / support
    • Access to “Bee Fit for the Future” Facebook Group
    • 1 day on-site train-the-trainer programme with Craig/Paul*
    • 5 hours of telephone coaching / support
    • Access to “Bee Fit for the Future” Facebook Group


    • PDF Promotional Brochure (Our Brand)
    • Website video (Our Brand)
    • PDF Promotional Brochure (Your Brand)
    • Website video (Your Brand)
    • Optional keynote launch with Craig or Paul
    • PDF Promotional Brochure (Your Brand)
    • Website video (Your Brand)
    • Keynote launch with Craig or Paul *

* Travel and expenses not included


Below you will find answers to all of the most commonly asked questions about the train-the-trainer options. Click on each question to reveal the answer. If you have a question that is not covered, please email

Is there a licence fee for the ongoing training after we purchase the initial package?

No there is a one-off fee for each package. There may be optional fees for updates to workshop materials that will apply to Bronze packages in future.

What if I wish to upgrade by package from Bronze to Silver and Silver to Gold?

You pay the difference in the standard price. Bronze to Silver an additional £1,500 and Silver to Gold an additional £7,000.

Who owns copyright to the book and images?

The authors – Craig Smith and Paul Rigby

May we use the images within our company or in marketing materials?

Yes – provided you have express written permission from the authors or if you have purchased the Gold package.

How much will it cost to purchase the images for use in-house?

£5000. This includes all images used in the book which covers general pictures of scenes and character images. These will be provided in pdf, png and jpeg format in high resolution. The artwork may not be re-sold.

In the Gold package it mentions “unlimited use of artwork from The Bee Book”. What does this mean?

The purchaser may print and use the artwork as they wish for internal use and may use the artwork as many times as they wish. There is no further licence fee for use of the artwork after the workshop.

Is there exclusivity in a country or region for use of this package?

No. The market is huge and exclusivity is not deemed necessary for such a programme.

Can we translate The Bee Book?

Yes but the rights remain with the authors and a pre-signed agreement must be signed before any work is done or files transferred.

Who is responsible for translation and who pays for this service?

The purchaser of the materials. We will not undertake translation and rely on the purchaser in the region or country to undertake the translation. The content still remains the right of the authors Craig Smith and Paul Rigby.

What does the facilitator guide comprise of?

The guide is a comprehensive document to support facilitation of the workshop. It contains timings, scripts and notes explaining how to deliver the programme. It includes personal tips from Craig and Paul and explanations pertaining to exercises where an understanding of the story and characters is important.

May I resell the programme to third parties?

No. The fee paid is for the licensee’s use only.

Where do I order copies of The Bee Book?

They may be ordered from Amazon using the “Buy the Book” buttons on our website. The Bee Book is available in hard copy and Kindle format in English on all global Amazon sites. Should Amazon not be available in the region in which you reside then you may order via or contact the authors directly. Please note that the authors do not carry a stock of the book, so may need to order from the supplier and ship to you thereafter. The cost of the book does not include shipping costs to your region.

With the Gold package there is a keynote launch. How do we arrange this and what else is included?

The ‘Keynote Launch’ involves Craig or Paul delivering a keynote address for your organisation to inspire and motivate your organisation to use it. If you want to book this, contact either Craig or Paul to confirm dates in their diaries… simple as that. You will also need to add the flight and hotel costs for this option. These costs are for the client to pay and must be settled up front. The authors may be available for additional consulting depending on diary availability but this will be charged for.

Is the keynote launch option available in Bronze and Silver packages?

This is available for the Silver package at a cost of £4,000 plus T&E but not for the Bronze Package.

In what format are the presentations and supporting materials available?

PowerPoint, PDF and Keynote. Pictures and artwork in png, jpeg and pdf.

What is included in the presentation materials?

The full slide presentation (in ppt.) in English with all videos used in the workshop attached to the respective slides to allow you to present as is without any changes necessary.

What is included in the workshop accessories?

Posters and supporting materials such as hand-outs and giveaways for delegates.

What is the recommended selling price for this workshop?

There is no recommended selling price as this workshop is available globally. Each region should set their own price according to the needs and requirements of the client and as is acceptable for the region.

Are the authors available to deliver in-country on behalf of dealers / distributors / agents?

Yes. Please contact either Craig or Paul for availability and rates.

May we use The Bee Book logo?

Only if you have a Silver or Gold package. This will be part of the agreement signed by both parties.

How does ‘train the trainer via video library’ work?

You will be provided access to a series of videos with Craig and Paul demonstrating delivery of the workshop and sharing their tips for facilitating the activities within the programme. It will also feature live footage from actual workshops so you can see how exercises are run and debriefed.

If we take the gold package, will we also have access to the ‘train the trainer via video library’?

Yes, you will be able to access all of the same videos as the bronze and silver package and will also benefit from having Craig or Paul take your trainers through a detailed live train the trainer workshop.

What is the "Bee Fit for the Future" Facebook Group?

This is a licensed, trainers-only area for people who have attended our train-the-trainer programmes. In the group you will be able to exchange ideas and tips with other licensed trainers. We will regularly provide links to useful resources (such as YouTube videos and articles) that you can use to enhance your workshops. You will also have direct access to Craig and Paul to ask questions about the workshop and book.

Is access to the "Bee Fit for the Future" Facebook Group available for Bronze package trainers?

No this service will only be available for Silver and Gold packages.

Is own branded material available for Bronze packages?

No this service applies to Silver and Gold packages only. We will only add your company’s branding at these levels.